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Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates


Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates has a team of surgeons with orthopedic traumatology fellowships who are equipped to meet any trauma-related needs that may arise. Our traumatologists are also on call at St. John Medical Center in the trauma area.

Trauma is any injury that occurs during physical activity, motor vehicle accidents, electric shock, or other activities.

The trauma team at Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates is comprised of fellowship-trained surgeons who have extensive training treating fractures. A fracture refers to a broken bone. A bone may become fractured completely or partially and is often caused from trauma due to a fall, motor vehicle accident or sports. Additionally, thinning of the bone due to osteoporosis in the elderly can make the bone more susceptible to breaking.

Common fracture treatments


  • Includes casting and splint. Our on-site Brace Shop allows patient to be fitted for a cast or splint without having to make an additional trip.


  • Skin traction – traction tapes are attached to the skin of the limb segment below the fracture.
  • Skeletal traction – a pin is inserted through to bone distal to the fracture. Weights are applied to the pin, and the patient enters an apparatus that causes traction. Commonly used for thighbone injuries.


  • Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)

This is a surgical procedure in which reduction of fracture is performed using devices such as Kirschner wires, plates and screws, and intramedullary nails.

  • External fixation

External fixation is a procedure in which the reduction of fracture is performed at a distance from the site of fracture.

External fixation is performed in the following conditions:

  • Open fractures with soft-tissue involvement
  • Comminuted and unstable fractures
  • Fractures with bony deficits
  • Limb-lengthening procedures
  • Fractures with infection or nonunion
  • Burns and soft tissue injuries
  • Pelvic fractures


Fractures may take several weeks to months to heal. Tulsa Bone & Joint offers a comprehensive range of physical therapy (PT) modalities and various therapeutic exercises to restore the highest level of function achievable in a patient after injury or surgery.

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