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Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates
Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates

Regenerative Medicine

Millions of Americans live with daily pain and/or limited mobility – oftentimes with both. Traumatic injuries, overuse injuries, degenerative conditions, and orthopedic disorders that cause pain, swelling, and constricted movement can be difficult to treat without surgery.

Until now. Regenerative medicine allows our orthopedic doctors to conservatively treat many conditions that cause chronic pain. Utilizing your body’s own natural healing mechanisms, the therapeutic procedures are noninvasive and effective for patients that do not want to have surgery or are not good candidates for surgical procedures.

Regenerative medicine has helped patients recover from orthopedic conditions including:

Pain-free movement is possible, even years after your injury, with regenerative medicine. Our orthopedic and sports medicine physicians
want to help you put an end to your chronic, nagging pain, so you can return to work or play feeling better than ever. Call (918) 392-1400 or request an appointment online at one of our five locations in and around Tulsa today.

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