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Tulsa Bone & Joint's Orthopedic Urgent Care

by ih-tbj Admin
Three visits to the Orthopedic Urgent Care in one month!

New Ankle Restores Tulsan's Active Life

by ih-tbj Admin
Former semi-pro soccer player - and now busy father - shares his experience with a Total Ankle Replacement.

Dressler, DO Joins Tulsa’s Finest

by Ahmed Aman (SU)
The physicians at Tulsa Bone & Joint are pleased to welcome Dr. Brent Dressler to the practice. A board certified orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dressler’s fellowship in orthopedic traumatology and his work at Christus Spohn Health in Corpus Christi, Texas enhances the success of the collaborative team effort at Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates.