New Surgery Center and Campus Expansion Underway

New Surgery Center and Campus Expansion Underway

by ih-tbj Admin

Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates celebrated the groundbreaking of its Union Pines Surgery Center and additional campus expansion on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

Once completed, the new Union Pines Surgery Center will be the first of its kind in Oklahoma, offering 23:59 care inside the surgery center with optional overnight stays in a separate, onsite “stay center” for patient convenience. Tulsa Bone & Joint has owned the surgery center since 2000, moved the facility to the Tulsa Bone & Joint campus in 2006, and is now embarking on the next phase.

The new surgery center will include:

·       Eight larger operating rooms with laminar flow

·       Two designated pain management rooms

·       16 semi-private admit/discharge rooms for surgery

·       Five beds in surgery center for 24-hour stays

A separate, onsite “stay center” will host 11 overnight rooms with support spaces, a lobby, a café and a conference room. The new surgery center will allow the practice to perform more surgeries on site, particularly joint replacement/adult reconstruction procedures.

The surgery center expansion will remodel and build onto the existing physical therapy building. During the campus expansion, physical therapy will temporarily move to Tulsa Bone & Joint’s building on the south end of the main campus, 4812 S. 109th E. Ave. When the project is complete, the redesigned physical therapy and hand therapy will move to the space where Union Pines is currently, 4800 S. 109th E. Ave.

“We are excited to take this step, which will allow us to further our ability to offer convenient, high quality and safe surgical care all on one campus,” said Linda Gunter, CEO of Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates.

The project is a joint venture with St. John/Ascension. The contractor is Flintco, and the architect is HFG Architecture. The project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020.